SOUNDING THE DUSK MERIDIAN started as a project that took the sculptural and lighting elements of Keith Langergraber’s installation, The Dusk Meridian (2022), as a polydimensional score, and created an ambient musical reading of the piece. They performed the response at the Vancouver Gallery Offsite in partnership with Vancouver New Music in April 2022.

Their album Fever Haze in a Broken Ecology is a set of recordings made on November 6th, 2022 in a home studio, playing with and extending the ideas explored in their original interpretation of The Dusk Meridian (2022). The album sonically creates lush ambient environments steeped in elements of spiritual jazz, experimental electronica, drone, and noise contending with the ever looming effects of climate change.

Matthew Ariaratnam is an interdisciplinary sound artist, composer, guitarist, and listener based on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples.

Ross Birdwise is an interdisciplinary artist working in both sound and visual media, working in sound primarily as an electronic musician, composer and experimental vocalist based on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples.

Adrian Avendaño is a sound artist, musician and recordist based in Vancouver / Surrey, Canada [unceded Coast Salish territories]. His work explores the connection between sound, space, and place through linear and non-linear time.

prOphecy sun (Ph.D.) is an interdisciplinary performance artist, queer, movement, video, sound maker, and mother of three. Her practice celebrates both conscious and unconscious moments and the vulnerable spaces of the in-between in which art, performance, and life overlap.

Soressa Gardner is vocalist, laptop composer/improviser, and sometimes songwriter. Her keen sense of mood, colour, humour and gravitas are expressed through extended vocals enhanced by electronic manipulations and sound-worlds carefully crafted from a variety of audio processing techniques.