NeuzTec! occurs on unceded Coast Salish Territories, specifically of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples. NeuzTec! Festival and Garden City Electronic Music Society acknowledge and are striving to deepen our understanding of the cultural heritage, rituals, and traditional ways of the indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea and Turtle Island, historically, currently, and into a sustainable future.

Our intentional interactions with the environment and community of the Salish Sea holds reconciliation as one of our top priorities through art, music, education, and philanthropy for the betterment of our community.

NeuzTec8 (2023)  Wood Recital Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music
NeuzTec7 (2022)  Wood Recital Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music
NeuzTec6 (2021)  Burnside Gorge Community Centre
NeuzMMXX (2020)  Open Space 
NeuzTec4 (2019)   Intrepid Theatre
NeuzTec3 (2018)   Fort Tectoria 
NeuzTec2 (2017)   Fort Tectoria
NeuzFest  (2016)   Intrepid Theatre