Neuztec! Festival is presented in a full spectrum quadraphonic soundfield for electronic artists to sonically design, creating a deeper dimension of live sound

NeuzTec! artists have diverse and unique stage setups with audio outputs from full-blown quadraphoni, to multi-channel stereo, to the equilateral mono noiser. All these sonic experiments come to life through the power and precision of quadraphonic sound architecture.NeuzEng are the festivals in house sound engineers who have used Canadian made Yorkville Speaker Arrays since it’s inception. 

Suzanne Ciani says:
“[This] thing I’m involved in—this quad thing. I’m really angry that quad is dead on the consumer level. I know that quad will be the biggest thing eventually. I know it: It died because there was never any decent product. Nobody put money into developing products, because they were all hung up about what format it was going to be in and nobody could decide. I don’t think people understood it. Not many people even know what spatial modulation is or how great it is until they’ve experienced it.”