In the year 2014, a resonance was born in the echo chamber of existence — Deep Field Array. A Vancouver-birthed experimental ambient duo, they are not just a terrestrial phenomenon, but entities that float in the nebulous abyss of the universe’s silent theatre.

An abandoned array, a phantom of antiquated technology sailing through the void, siphoning the spectral whispers of lost transmissions. Their compositions, like cryptic messages in interstellar bottles, are punctuated by looping pulses and static — remnants of forgotten conversations whispered across the universe.

Its sound, a perplexing brocade with threads rumored to be the spectral echoes of SETI field recordings, exists in a realm of ambiguity as vast as the space between galaxies. This spectral narrative, a haunting sonic folk tale, shrouds their creations in an enigma.

‘Quadrifid Orbit’ released in 2014 etched Deep Field Array’s sonic constellations into the aether of sound. This auditory pilgrimage, a swirling vortex at the intersection of ambient, experimental, and synth music, whispers echoes of distant celestial bodies across the infinity of the universe. Their offerings, including a tape echo from a distant epoch, reflect the profound solitude and pathos of existence itself, mirroring the silent observer in the depths of our souls.

Deep Field Array is not a mere spectator. They are an astral lighthouse adrift in the sea of the universe, a beacon pulsating with the rhythm of the universe’s ballet. In their collection, analysis, and rebroadcast of these universal murmurs, they weave a sonic mythos that thrums on the resonant strings of their cosmic lyre. They are a solitary note in the symphony of existence, a sonic echo of distant celestial bodies, resonating with the silent hymn of the universe.